Toyota CHR vs. Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V (/”Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicles”) slots right underneath the bigger CR-V in price just as the Toyota CHR (or even”Coupe High Rider”) takes up less room in your garage and budget than the RAV 4.


The two started life on auto platforms (Fit and Prius) and then Honda and Toyota treated them to some hardy styling and platform heels. They have been seeking earnings in a marketplace that’s drifting far from conventional sedans toward versatile crossover vehicles which have the economy of a car however the utility of a truck. Additional entrants within this burgeoning segment include Chevy Trax, Nissan Juke, Jeep Renegade, and also arguably the very best all-around choice, Subaru Crosstrek.

C-HR vs. HR-V controversial styling comes right in the Japanese techno-brutal design school initiated by rival Nissan about its gtr super-car. In actuality, CHR looks more like a Nissan Maxima or Nissan Juke compared to the conventional-looking Toyota services and products to that we’re accustomed. Toyota heir and CEO Akio Toyoda were pushing his eponymous company to make vehicles with just a tad bit more aesthetic and kinetic fire, which might explain why the C HR apes Nissan’s aggressive design. Luckily for CH-R buyers, they will break a lot less often than a Nissan!

As Subaru dealers, we do not have a dog in this hunt, but if you’ll not let us drive a Crosstrek afterward we’d select the HR V for ground clearance, and the CH-R isn’t available with all-wheel-drive. We like Honda resale value and the innovative Magic Seat system which permutes manifolds cargo-people configurations, making the car act much be bigger than it is. Comparably equippedthey cost almost the exact same, around $24,000 in mid-level trim. You really can not go wrong with one, and in either case you receive three consonants and a hyphen.